Rentals (Cape Town only)

General Rules & Guidelines of Equipment Rental

Keeping our children safe & having good clean fun is of utmost importance to us. Here are some general rules and guidelines for the use of BiemBie’s Rental Equipment. (Also refer to our other policies for further details):

  • Children using this equipment must be supervised at all times.
  • No children over 12 years of age or adults allowed on the inflatable’s or equipment.
  • No shoes, jewelry and sharp objects, food or drinks are allowed on the equipment.
  • BiemBie shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any persons or property, and is unconditionally indemnified from any possible liability due to insufficient adult supervision or misuse of the items and accessories displayed.
  • The equipment must not be damaged in any way and should be kept clean at all times.
  • Do not set up nearby fire, braai’s, and no smoking is allowed on the inflatable unit.
  • Inflatable’s need space on grassed area free of stones/sticks.
  • Beware of obstacles from above when jumping.
  • Beware of jumping near entrance way to avoid falling out.
  • People with neck and or back injuries are not permitted to jump on inflatables.
  • Do not play on the inflatable when in the process of inflating or deflated.
  • Keep blower fans dry at all times.
  • Only water slides and jumping castles with water slides may be used with water.
  • In case of rain, kids to leave inflatable so that the blower fan can be switched off and taken indoors. Castles can then be folded over to remain dry for later use.
  • Remember equipment is not suitable for rough play!
  • You are responsible for any theft, damage and or breakages of goods hired whilst they are in your possession.
  • You must pay all costs associated with full replacement and or repair of above hired goods.
  • We do not allow for collections of our equipment. All our equipment is delivered to the venue as per the booking information provided upon booking. The time provided serves as a guideline, but will not be guaranteed due to delays at other venue deliveries or traffic or matter beyond our control.
  • We will always try our best to deliver at least an hour before the party or earlier. Normal delivery times are between 7am and 10am. Collections are done between 3pm and 6pm. Next day collection can be arranged but has to be discussed when booked.  Additional fee will be charged.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a delivery if we deem the weather (rain/wind) unsafe for inflatable usage.
  • We do not lift inflatables over walls under any circumstances.
  • Our plastic equipment can be lifted only when absolutely necessary.
  • The onus is on you, as the customer to ensure that the space at your property is big enough for the equipment. Incorrect measurements will result in no delivery or extra charges will apply for swop-outs. We also then don’t guarantee that we will make your time constraints in the case of swop-outs.
  • We only supply 1x30m extension lead per castle (if 2 blowers required for castle, we provide 2 leads).
  • Please note that each inflatable needs its own plug point. Otherwise you will continuously have power tripping as you are running too much power of one single circuit.
  • The maximum allowable weight of somebody in the inflatable unit is up to 75kg.
  • Please do not allow the children with any food, sweets or drinks inside the jumping castles.  If we do have to clean any food stains of the jumping castle you agree by accepting the terms and conditions that you will pay a cleaning fee of R350.00.
  • NO SILLY STRING. Silly string damages the vinyl. You will be charged for all repairs required from silly string damage. Please do not tape or fasten anything to the play equipment.

SID Instant EFT

SID Instant EFT makes it easy to complete mobile or online payments within minutes. Simply:

    1. Select the SID payment method.
    2. Selects your bank.
    3. Logs into your Internet Banking. (No login details are stored by SID)
    4. Reviews the pre-populated payment details and approves payment.

View video on how SID Instant EFT works.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are one of the most widely used online payment methods and we accept Visa and Mastercard credit card payments.

What information will we need?

  • Your 16-digit credit card number
  • The expiry date
  • The CVV number (that’s the last 3 digits on the back of your card)
  • Your name exactly as it appears on the front of the card


Payments on BiemBie are optimized for the latest browsers for security reasons. If you use an outdated browser (eg Internet Explorer 8 or 9), we recommend you update your browser before trying to shop on the website. For more info, please email

Rental Delivery Information

  1. Rental items will always carry a delivery and set-up fee. Regardless of the area of the event and the amount of items booked for any specific event.
  2. The delivery fee includes the delivery, set-up and collection of the rented items.
  3. BiemBie does not allow collections of any rental items.
  4. The delivery time, must be at stipulated least 1 (one) hour or more before the event time. This is in order for us to always deliver on time.
  5. The delivery and collection times is a guideline only and does not guarantee a specific time. This time will be adjusted according to the logistical arrangements required on the day.
  6. There must be someone available at the venue before the delivery time, in the event that we are able to deliver earlier.
  7. The delivery times are requested by the client. BiemBie always tries to deliver and collect as close as possible to those stipulated times.
  8. In general the delivery times are: 07:00 – 11:00
  9. In general the collection times are: 15:00 – 18:00 later times must be pre-arranged. Fees may be applicable if collections are required after these times. Additional booking fees will also be applicable for overnight bookings and when collections are required the following day. 
  10. In some instances it will be required that we deliver the previous day, but this will be arranged directly with the customer a day or two before the event. Without any additional charges to the customer.
  11. Sometimes it might be required to collect the rented items the following day. This will be pre-arranged with the customer. Without any additional charges to the customer.

Rental Delivery & Collection Charges

  1. Delivery for rented items is determined according to your address and correct postal code.
  2. BiemBie reserves the right to change the delivery fee or reject delivery to an area after the booking has been completed.
  3. The delivery fee is calculated automatically upon checkout. Late collection charges are discussed when the collection time is later than 18:00 and is charged on a per hour basis.
  4. Any purchased item that is ordered together with a rented item will be free of an additional delivery fee if delivered on the same day and delivery turn as the rented items. The delivery fee for the rented items will always be required.
  5. The list below indicates the current delivery areas. If your area is not listed it can be an error or an area that we do not deliver rented items to. BiemBie also retains the right to refuse delivery to an area it chooses to.


Step 1 – Deciding

  • When searching the individual bookable product pages, view the calendar on each page. If the day of your event is green on colour, then it is available to be booked. If your date is Red, then the item has already been reserved. NOTE: If no calendar is available for the rental item, simply select the number of items you want for your even. Should we have insufficient stock due to high booking number, you will be notified.

Step2 – Product Availability

  • Choose the equipment from our extensive range of rental items from inflatables, plastic play equipment and decor items.

Step 3 – Booking

  • Click on the desired date, first selecting the starting date and then the number of days required.
  • If you only require the item for one day, then leave the number of days on “1”
  • Each item is booked individually by clicking on the calendar date to select the date of your event and adding to cart.
  • To add additional items to your booking repeat the process as above.

Step 4 – Checkout

  • Click the “Check Out” to complete your booking. Complete all the required details for your event in the form presented.

Step 5 – Payment

  • We accept 3D Secure, Mastercard, VISA, SID Payment and EFT Payments.
  • EFT payment: Complete the check out. You will be required to make payment from your bank directly and forward the proof of payment via e-mail to .
  • Booking of rental items is only confirmed once payment has been received.
  • We do not hold bookings. Payment is required in order to confirm your booking, otherwise the booking is considered cancelled without any notice.
  • The customer agrees that he/she has read the Equipment Rental Terms and Conditions and that he/she understands its content and complies with all the terms of the agreements.

 Step 6 – Delivery

  • The Customer determines the Delivery Date, Set-up Time and Collection Time.
  • BiemBie strives to work around these times, but this is not always logistically possible.
  • Please note that BiemBie charges a delivery & set-up fee for every event.
  • All delivery fees are calculated automatically when completing your order.
  • The latest collection time for all event is 18:00.

For any further detail please Contact us

Rental Return & Refund Policy


  1. Any cancellation due to bad weather must be made the day before the party before 10am.  Failing to do this will result in no refund or exchange. This only applies to large jumping castle and play equipment too big for indoor use. In the event that the item is cancelled as per term noted, you are eligible to exchange the big item with any other available item suitable for the event. No refund  to you or demand for payment from BiemBie will be made for any difference in item rental cost, should the new item be more or less expensive. Particularly suited for the rainy season, this will vary from delivery area.
  2. You are eligible for only the delivery fee refund if you complied with terms noted in #1 and were unable to find a suitable replacement item.
  3. If you want to cancel your entire booking for any other reasons other than rainy weather; then you must cancel your booking more than 3+ weeks (21+days) in advance, you are eligible for a 100% refund.
  4. If you want to cancel your entire booking for any other reasons other than rainy weather 2-3 weeks (14-21days) in advance, you will forfeit 50% of the item booking fee and the full delivery fee is refunded.
  5. Items booked and paid in full within 0-3 week period comply with the same term as set above.

Date changes

  1. No date changes will be allowed unless 2 weeks (14 days) notice has been given. If this is done in accordance with this term no additional charges or penalties will be accrued. If the notice of date change is less 2 weeks (14 days), but more than 1 week (7 days) noted in #5, then you will forfeit 50% of the original fee charged, excluding delivery fee, and will be allowed to move the booking date, provided an item is available for the new date. Should you wish to change the date within six (6) days or less from the original event date, you forfeit 100% of the item rental fee, excluding the delivery fee. You will be required to make a complete new booking. Should you decide not to rebook your original booking, then the delivery fee will be refunded.
  2. In the event that you change your event date and comply with all or either of the terms above, and the same item is not available for the new date, you are able to choose another rental item. Should this replacement rental item be a lesser charge than the original you will not be eligible for a refund of any difference in fees.


  1. If you ordered and paid for a package deal and you cancel certain items due to rain then you will be billed per item at the original full price for the remaining items you are still taking.
  2. BiemBie also have the right to cancel the booking and refund you due to bad weather or for any unforeseen circumstances.
  3. All refunds are made after the last day of the month.
  4. All refunds carry an administration cancellation fee. This amount can be deducted from the amount, from time to time, that will be refunded to you.

Return & Refund process

Cancellations must be made via the details below and only written cancellations / date changes will be accepted:

Phone: 060 743 0455

Fax: 086 512 1690


Terms and Conditions of Equipment Lease


  • The Person(s) hiring the equipment and named in this contract will hereafter be referred to as “the customer”.
  • Both parties agree to the jurisdiction of the Magisterial Court and that BiemBie shall recover its attorney fees and costs for any litigation arising under this agreement.
  • The customer shall carry homeowners insurance in the full replacement value of all leased equipment on the property under public liability insurance.
  • BiemBie offers no warranties with respect to product quality and product workmanship and therefore offers NO recourse for any claim for injury or negligence as a result of defective workmanship  or damaged equipment.
  • BiemBie shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to any persons or property, and is unconditionally indemnified from any possible liability due to insufficient adult supervision or misuse of the items and accessories by the lessee.
  • The customer will be liable for any costs incurred due to malicious and other damage to the equipment.
  • The contract will be null and void, should the lessee fail to make payment or if any of the other conditions of the  contract is contradicted. In such an event the equipment will be collected and the customer will be liable for recovery costs and any legal or other costs incurred as a result of this action. The customer agrees hereby to give BiemBie full access to the customer’s premises for the purpose of the removal of the equipment if the contract is contradicted.
  • The hiring contract may not be transferred from the lessee to another person.
  • The customer may not sublet any of the products.
  • The customer is responsible to make sure that the area where the equipment is to be installed is fully accessible   and the customer will be held responsible for costs incurred for delay in delivery due to such an instance.
  • The safety of the equipment is the full responsibility of the customer whilst in their possession and/or on their premises.
  • In the case of theft, the lessee will be responsible for the replacement costs of the equipment.
  • The customer undertakes to immediately report any damage to equipment on return to BiemBie Playtime Rentals.
  • The customer shall report any damage of malfunction within 1 hour period of installation or delivery to the premises, failing in which the lessee agrees that the equipment have been supplied in full & good working condition.
  • The customer agrees hereby to give the BiemBie full access to the lessee’s premises for the purpose of the removal of the equipment upon the expiry of the lease period.
  • The customer shall be responsible for the strict adult supervision of the use of the equipment.

The Equipment

  • The equipment may not be moved from one address to another without prior written consent of BiemBie.
  • The equipment is used at the customer’s own risk and BiemBie will not be held responsible for any injuries whatsoever or any damage whatsoever caused by the equipment.
  • NO children over 8 years of age or adults are allowed on the equipment.
  • NO shoes, sharp objects, food or drinks are allowed on the equipment.

NB: We do not hold bookings. All payments must be received within 1-2hrs otherwise the booking is considered cancelled without any notice.
The customer agrees that he/she has read the above contract and that he/she understands its content and complies with all the terms of the agreements.
Completion of the online booking form and ticking the T&C’s box constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.